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Child in Air Yoga

Child Autism

It is a developmental disorder impacting communication, social interaction, and behaviour.


Early intervention, specialized therapies, and understanding can help children with autism thrive and contribute to society.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if I were neurotypical because I would have been interested in social things. Having a little autism helped me achieve my goals and not miss what most people thought I was missing out on.”

Evan Delaney Rodgers, Autistic Politician

Understanding Child Autism

The journey of parenthood with children diagnosed with child autism is a thrilling adventure!


Let's embraces the beautiful diversity of childhood experiences where we'll explore how to recognising early signs, creating a supportive home environment, and connecting with a community of parents and experts can empower you on this unique journey. 

Understanding Your Child's Unique Journey

Parenthood is a remarkable adventure, filled with moments of wonder and discovery.


Just as your little one's personality unfolds in delightful ways, their journey with autism is a path uniquely theirs. Like a canvas painted with vibrant colors, each developmental thread weaves a beautiful tapestry that forms their identity.


Understanding autism means embracing the extraordinary intricacies that make your child who they are.

Child Counseling
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